Choosing a WordPress Theme

Key Points in Choosing a WordPress Theme

If you have a new WordPress site, you may be both overwhelmed and excited to choose your WordPress theme. The options are vast and it would seem like there are too many good choices that it’s hard to choose one for your site. Let’s make the task easier for you with these key points that you can consider when choosing a WordPress theme.

Less is More

You may easily be attracted to themes that have flashy animations, complex layouts, and exciting colors. There may be times that you are going to need those features for your theme. However, for many cases, those are not really necessary. Always think about the rule that less is more.

You also want to make sure that the theme functions well and it will make it easier for your visitor to navigate your site. Complicated themes may confuse your visitors and they may just visit another site because they can’t figure out how to go to the different website pages.

When looking for a WordPress theme, think about your business goal and what you want to emphasize. You don’t want your visitors to be distracted or annoyed by the complexity of the theme. Always think about simplicity and usability first before considering any additional features.


When a theme is responsive, it means it can adjust its layout depending on the kind of device that the reader is using. Many people nowadays access websites through their mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Your theme should be able to adjust to these screen sizes accordingly.

Also, Google prefers to rank mobile-friendly sites better in the search engine results page. So, if you want to get better ranking, make sure that your website is responsive. You will get more traffic that way and you will rank better in the Google results pages.


Visitors use different browsers to surf the web. You should check if the WordPress theme you have chosen is compatible with all of the major browsers and not just with one. It may look great in one browser but may appear broken in others. This is something that you should check out.

Many developers of WordPress themes have already tested their themes through testing tools for browser compatibility. Most of them will mention this so that you are aware that the theme is compatible with many browsers.

If the developers have not mentioned anything about compatibility, do check the theme in Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome to be sure that everything will look well regardless of the browser.


The WordPress theme that you choose is a factor in the site’s overall SEO-friendliness. There are times that a theme that looks great may have HTML that has been coded poorly. You have to be careful with this because it can affect the performance of your site with the search engines.

If you are a beginner, you may find it difficult to analyze the source code of the WordPress theme on your own. But don’t worry, many developers of premium WordPress themes will actually tell you if they have optimized their themes for SEO. Alternatively, good WordPress theme reviews will keep you on the right track.